World Mental Health Day 2018 - October 10th-1pm Medrus 1 ‘Love is letting go of fear - a journey from mania to stability’

Kim Kenobi, a statistics lecturer in the maths department, was recently discharged from Gorwelion, the mental health service provider in Aberystwyth.  Kim has experienced the mood swings of bipolar disorder since the middle of the 1990s.  Along the way, he has published a book, Memories of Mania, and is working on a second book, Letting go of Madness, about his experiences of mental illness.  


Kim and his wife, Charlie, have devoted considerable energy to personal development, including attending a year-long course, the Tao of Relationship, hosted by a company called The Culture of Honouring.  As a result of the support of family, friends and healthcare professionals, Kim and Charlie have found their way to a strong and stable relationship, but it has by no means been an easy road.


In this discussion, Kim will consider the role that fear and the ego have played in his mental illness, and well as elaborating on how his relationship with Charlie has helped him to come to terms with his bipolar disorder and begin to build a more grounded sense of wellbeing.  Kim will present some of his observations about fear and mental illness before opening the floor for a question and answer session with the audience.



Ruth Fowler