Travel & Subsistence

The following guidelines apply to members of staff travelling on University business

Further information can be found in section 3 of Financial Procedures Handbook on the Financial Regulations & Procedures page of the Finance Department website.

Note that if the claim is being paid from an externally funded grant then their claim limits supersede those of the University if these are different (details of the grant and why different rates are claimed should accompany the claim).

If expenses are incurred, claim forms should be completed on at least a monthly basis. The University will not reimburse claims if the claim is submitted more than three months after the expense is incurred.

Guidance for External Members of Council

Travel and Subsistence Rates for Council Members (2013)


For more information on Car Hire please click Vehicle Hire Policy.

Important note on the calculation of mileage allowance.

NOTE: Staff should ensure that their insurance covers their car on University business and should only carry passengers if the policy permits. Where more than one member of staff attends the same meeting it is expected that they will travel in the same car.

 First 200 Business Miles
 Over 200 Business Miles
Cars 40p 20p
Motorcycles 20p 10p


Actual expenditure should be claimed subject to the maximum rates set out below.

Receipts will be required for all items other than small, incidental expenses where it is not practicable to obtain a receipt (up to £5.00 for each night away) Please Note: This is to reimburse actual expenditure.

If staff are charging for B&B plus an evening meal then the claim is limited to the combined value e.g.  £142 + £18 =£160 for London so you could for instance claim £20 for meal and up to £140 for accommodation)

Alcohol Policy

It is recognised that staff may wish to have alcohol with their evening meal. This is acceptable provided the expenditure is reasonable (up to half a bottle of wine per person)

SubsistenceProvincesLondon & Overseas
Bed & Breakfast £99.00 £142.00
Evening Meal £18.00 £18.00
Breakfast or Mid-day meal £10.00 £10.00


Lodging AllowanceAll areas
Accommodation £56.00
With family or friends (incl. bed & breakfast)
Note: this will be paid with salary and be subject to tax


Incidental Expenses
Maximum rate for actual incidental expenses for each night away - not receipted £5.00 £10.00


Day subsistence (Where there is no overnight stay) - Receipts are required
5-10 hours £10.00
Over 10 hours £23.00

The University offers four bookable videoconferencing suites. Full details are available at Videoconferencing.

NOTE - before making travel arrangements please consider whether a videoconference is a viable alternative to travelling.