Student Charter

Aberystwyth University and Aberystwyth University Students’ Union have worked together to develop this charter that clearly sets out what we all expect of each other.

We are committed to a vibrant, safe and positive learning community in which every student has the opportunity to realise their full potential, and where you are treated in a professional manner with respect, dignity and courtesy within an inclusive environment.

You can expect the University to …

  • Be an active learning environment

  • Deliver excellent research-led teaching

  • Invest in first-class facilities and resources

  • Provide constructive, appropriate and timely feedback

  • Communicate clear and accurate information on all aspects of your University experience

  • Ensure you receive appropriate academic guidance

  • Provide Welsh-medium teaching, research and student support

  • Equip you with relevant, transferable and highly valued skills to aid personal development and enhance employability prospects

  • Involve student representatives as full partners in University structures and committees

  • Provide you with accessible, responsive and inclusive support services

  • Publicise full, transparent financial information on tuition fees

  • Sustainably manage its estate

  • Respond proactively to the student voice

You can expect the Students' Union to …

  • ‌‌‌‌Represent the interests of the student body across the University

  • Provide a pleasant and safe environment that meets the diverse needs of the student community

  • Develop your potential by supporting a wide range of sports, societies and volunteering activities

  • Provide students with impartial advice, information, representation and support

  • Partner with students, the University and the local community to facilitate an outstanding student experience

  • Manage its finances responsibly and reinvest in its facilities and services

  • Operate democratically in line with its constitution

In return, You are expected to …

  • ‌‌‌Treat all students and university staff with respect

  • Take responsibility for your own learning and attend all sessions related to your studies

  • Attend all examinations and submit all work on time, making full use of all feedback, guidance and advice provided to you

  • Read and familiarise yourself with the information made available to you, and check your University email and AberLearn daily

  • Regularly check the timetable for updates to lectures, seminars and exams

  • Familiarise yourself with and adhere to University regulations

  • Inform the University of anything affecting your ability to study

  • Engage with your student representatives in a shared commitment to enhance the academic experience

  • Take care with University property, equipment, facilities, and teaching/study spaces

  • Make the most of your time at Aberystwyth University