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Mr Rhun Emlyn


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Dr Rhun Emlyn is a medieval historian, with special research interests in ecclesiastical and political history, as well as Welsh history. His current work concentrates on medieval Welsh students, their careers and their influence on European and Welsh society.



Rhun Emlyn has research interests in aspects of Welsh history and broader European history in the middle ages, especially ecclesiastical and political history. These include education, mobility and identity. He has a special interest in the relationship of church and politics and how this affected Welsh society by the later middle ages. Rhun's thesis researched medieval Welsh students in the English and continental universities and the careers they followed after their time in education; this study raised issues which relate to a number of fields such as education, church life and politics. His current research focuses on the migration of Welsh clerics into England in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.



Emlyn, R. 2016 (In press). Migration and Integration: Welsh Secular Clergy in England in the Fifteenth Century. In P. Skinner. (ed) Beyond Arthur: The Welsh and the World in the Middle Ages. Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru | University of Wales Press Cadair


Emlyn, R. 2012. Serving Church and State: the Careers of Medieval Welsh Students. In L. Clark. (ed) The Fifteenth Century XI: Concerns and Preoccupations. The Fifteenth Century, vol. XI Boydell & Brewer, Woodbridge pp. 25-40. Cadair