CroesoAber Events

Special Food Evenings in TaMed Da


CroesoAber will be hosting a range of special food evenings this year in TaMed Da

25th January - Burns Night

26th January - Australia Day Menu 2017

27th  January  - Chinese New Year

5th February - British Yorkshire Pudding Day 2017

9th Feb‌ruary - National Pizza Day 2017

14th  February  -  St Valentines Day

28th February - Pancake Day Menu 2017

1st March - St David's Day

6th March - Korean Evening

7th March - Polish Evening

8th March - Turkish Evening

9th March (Lunchtime only) - National Meatball Day 2017

9th March (Evening) - Mediterranean Evening

10th March - African Evening

17th March - St Patricks Day

Join us for some fantastic food and fun!