Contractual Information

The documents contained within this section of the Human Resources web pages set out the main terms and conditions governing the relationship between Aberystwyth University and its employees, and also includes the human resource related policies and procedures of the University. The format of the pages and documents are designed to be user-friendly and to inform staff of their rights and duties in a straightforward, summarised manner.

These documents, in part, serve to explain provisions of employment law; obviously, the actual law prevails over its explanation herein and no rights can be derived from the explanation as such. Furthermore, no rights can be derived from the documents where exercising such right would breach either the Aberystwyth University’s duty to act as a “good employer” or the employee’s duty to act as a “good employee”, as determined under employment legislation.

The contents of these pages may be changed by the University at any given time and, where applicable, consultation with the recognised campus Trade Unions will be sought.

The full text, as it is in effect at any time, is available solely on these pages. Therefore, staff should ensure they keep themselves up to date with amendments and developments by regularly checking this site.

Should any member of staff have problems accessing the information or require clarification on any of the content of the documents, please contact a senior member of the Human Resources Department.

Please note that some of the documents below have not yet been ratified/ updated by Aberystwyth University, and hence are marked as TBC (to be confirmed).