Bringing cultures together

IEC’s recent end of term party saw students from Georgia, Greece, China, Brazil, Korea, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Sudan, Morocco and Oman sharing songs with refugees from Syria and teachers and friends from the UK. It’s wonderful to see our students getting ready to leave IEC and begin their degrees here at Aberystwyth University, and even more wonderful to see the friendships they’ve formed across cultures while they’ve been in the department.

New Aberystwyth–Korea link rooted in work of Welsh missionary

Students from the Korea Wales International Christian School who are currently studying at Aberystwyth University, with the director of the University’s International English Centre, Rachael Davey.

The International English Centre at Aberystwyth University has recently formed a unique partnership with the Korean Wales Christian School near Seoul.

English for Environmental Science

The International English Centre is delighted to welcome Professor Li Yiping and 11 students from Hohai University in China ...more

Minwoo Jeong (New Student Profile)

Hi, there. I'm Johnny (Minwoo Jeong) from South Korea. I'm majoring in English Literature at Silla University in Korea. Last year, I studied in Aberystwyth for 4 months on the Target English Course ...more

Happy in Aberystwyth

Watch this student made video called "Happy in Aberystwyth"

Wai Yuk Tang

Wai Yuk Tang

"The Summer Course was an unforgettable experience. I felt part of an international family. The classes were interactive, interesting and gave me the courage to communicate in English. I learned a lot!" ...more