Blackout campaign this Christmas

19 December 2017

We’re planning a cracker of a Blackout campaign this Christmas – but we need your help.

Previous weekend Black Outs have demonstrated electrical savings of up to 20% per building compared to other weekends. Last year the average cost of electricity and gas was £8,500 per day.

There are some very simple actions you can take to help us achieve significant savings over the Christmas period from Friday the 22nd of December to Wednesday the 3rd of January.

Before you go on leave, turn off all lights (including Christmas lights) and please close all windows. 

Please also remember to switch off all your own non-essential electrical equipment including the following items and anything else that doesn’t need to be on during closed days:

  • Electrical heaters
  • PCs
  • Monitors
  • Phone chargers
  • Speakers
  • Fans
  • Mini-fridges
  • Coffee machines
  • Microwaves
  • Individual printers
  • Hydroboils

Please don’t turn off central printers – or research fridges and freezers. If you’re not sure which equipment can be safely switched off, please contact Dewi Day on

Many thanks for your support and season’s greetings to one and all.

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