Student Views

Paulina Kyprianou - Cyprus (BA Fine Art and Education) 
"I love how stunning the area itself it hills roll straight into the sea. Aberystwyth is amazing for walks; I find myself taking my sketch book out with me. I will take so many memories with me, being surrounded by people that make me laugh and all the fun antics we get up to."

Mariliis Peterson - Estonia (BA Creative Writing and Drama and Theatre Studies) 
"What I love about Aberystwyth the most is the freedom to do what I enjoy – the joint honour scheme has allowed me to choose what I wanted to study, there are opportunities to do theatre, and Aberystwyth as a town is very friendly, it is easy to meet new people and find things to do."

Cealla Powell - Ireland (BA Irish Language and Literature and English Literature) 
"Whilst there’s lots of things to love about Aber, my favourite things are the atmosphere in town, it’s always busy and the town is such a nice place, especially the seafront. It was strange adjusting to life in Aber at first, but I really enjoyed living on my own and meeting new people. "

Pippa Kinneen - Ireland (BA Film and Television Studies) 
"I love practically everything about Aberystwyth, it’s such a beautiful town. The nights out are so much fun, especially when you bump into someone else and realise they are from your home country (or even home town) which is one of the most exciting and happy feelings when you are so far away from home."

Jacqueline M. Burek (University of Pennsylvania).
I found in Aberystwyth a warm, welcoming, and active community. Aberystwyth is a great place to learn about diversity and what it means to be in a community. I loved studying in the Celtic collection in the library. Looking out the windows and seeing the beautiful view was one of the best parts of my time at Aberystwyth. Barbecues on the beach, hiking along the coast, picnics in a castle - only in Aberystwyth are these normal ways of spending the weekend! Aberystwyth has a lively arts and entertainment scene - there's always something to do. The faculty at Aberystwyth are so helpful and supportive. You can tell they really care about their students.