Research Centre

Centre for Cultural Translation

The Centre for Cultural Translation recognises translation as a professional activity and its particular relevance to the bilingual and multilingual cultures in Wales and beyond, but also translation as a social, political and cultural process of interlingual and intertexual exchange across many forms of art and expression. It fosters academic work as well as practical applications of translation such as sub-titles, voice overs, adaptations, and simultaneous translation, for example. The Centre coheres around literary, historical, creative, media and cultural studies with a comparative cross-cultural interdisciplinary and bilingual/multilingual focus. Central to our vision is the recognition of so-called ‘minority languages’ or minoritised languages.

Centre for Cultures of Place

One of the key overall aims of the Centre for Cultures of Place is to utilise the location of Aberystwyth (its immediate environs and wider west Wales) in order to develop projects that can draw on its unique geographical, geological and cultural identity, while at the same time situating this identity within the 'global'. The Centre for Cultures of Place has three key strands: Cultures of Place in Wales (English and Cymraeg); Territorial Peripheries in an International Context; and Place and Environment in Literature, Culture, and the Arts. These 'research strands' are nested within one another, and incorporate work on the following: culture and ‘environment'; issues of centre/periphery; the Welsh landscape and the Welsh language; travellers to/tourism in Wales; locality and culture; territory and culture; links between the study of culture and geology; and landscape, film, theatre and performance.