Wales Farm Income Booklet

06 February 2018

Aberystwyth University’s latest Wales Farm Income Booklet, has been published by IBERS (Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences).

Iolo Williams opens Wallace exhibition

02 February 2018

An exhibition featuring the ground-breaking work of a remarkable Welshman who discovered the process of evolution by natural selection alongside Charles Darwin will be opened by leading Welsh naturalist Iolo Williams at Aberystwyth University’s Old College on Thursday 8 February 2018.

Dream career for IBERS Zoology graduate

26 January 2018

Abertystwyth is an amazing place to study; full of friendly faces – students and lecturers alike – it really is a home away from home!”, explains 2017 IBERS Zoology graduate Kathryn Beddie.

Is There Livestock on Mars?

15 January 2018

The answer is there could potentially be life on Mars in the future, in the form of livestock according to MSc graduate Adam Dexter.

SMARTsilage - improving silage efficiency in Wales

24 November 2017

A new consortium aiming reduce losses from silage making in Wales by 20% will be launched at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair on Tuesday 28 November 2017.

Round table on joint vet degree at Aberystwyth

19 December 2017

Plans to bring veterinary medicine training to Aberystwyth have been discussed at a special round table meeting for representatives from the veterinary and animal health sector in Wales.

Improving protein production in Europe and China

30 October 2017

Aberystwyth University plant scientists are playing a leading role in new research into breeding forage legume and grain legume crops, to address protein feed requirements in Europe and China.

Public lecture by leading GM expert

13 October 2017

The Learned Society of Wales and Aberystwyth University are jointly organising a public lecture exploring the latest scientific evidence around GM crops.

Cronfa JDR and Gwyneth Thomas Fund

03 October 2017

The Cronfa JDR and Gwyneth Thomas Fund offers students in the fields of rural science or economy the opportunity for additional support.

Aber scientist at New Scientist Live event

27 September 2017

Aber scientist at New Scientist Live event