Aquatic, Behavioural & Evolutionary Biology (ABEB)

Who we are and what we do

The ABEB group employs inter-disciplinary approaches to a unifying interest: how animals adapt to their environment. Within this aim we use a wide range of field- and lab-based techniques to investigate key questions in ecology, evolution and behaviour of wild populations. We combine group-wide expertise and activities to provide high quality research-led teaching.

  • Dr Sarah Dalesman
    Invertebrate behavioural plasticity and population ecology
  • Dr Joseph Ironside
    Evolution of aquatic organisms and their parasites
  • Dr Joseph Jackson
    Ecology & evolution of host-parasite interactions
  •   Dr Helen Marshall
    Opisthobranch biology and population genetics
  • Dr Rupert Marshall
    Behaviour, birdsong & urban adaptation
  • Dr Pippa Moore
    Marine ecology and climate change impacts
  • Dr Roger Santer
    Invertebrate neuroethology
  • Prof. Paul Shaw
    Evolution of aquatic biodiversity and population connectivity
  • Dr David Wilcockson
    Circadian and circatidal rhythms in marine organisms
  • Dr Kyle Young
    Fish ecology and aquatic ecosystems

Linked Researchers

  • Prof. Chris Thomas


Group members pursue individually-driven key concepts, in diverse study species, focussed on three areas:

  • Evolution & Population Genetics
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Population & Community Ecology


Our research is supported by funding from NERC, EU, Welsh Government, the Environment Agency (EA), Countryside Council for Wales (CCW), Defra and the Leverhulme Trust, amongst others.

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