Helyg i Gymru / Willow for Wales Project

Development of sustainable heat and power, fuelled by biomass from short rotation coppice in Wales

Willow for Wales is a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Objective 1 through the Welsh European Funding Office on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government, by the Welsh Development Agency and by Industry.

******This project completed in 2008******

The objective is to demonstrate the potential of short rotation coppice willow as a biomass crop in Wales. The consortium represents interests and knowledge of the crop and its marketing into energy generation systems. An important aspect of the project is that it engages farmers as partners in establishing crop test sites and as potential commercial producers. Growing willow for energy will not affect the Single Farm Payment as long as the grower has a contract with an energy user.

The final report is now available:

A separate report on the biodiversity of short rotation coppice in the Welsh landscape by Danielle Fry and Fred Slater of Cardiff University is available here


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