Dr Diego Moya Fernandez DVM, MSc, PhD

Dr Diego Moya Fernandez

Interdisciplinary Research Fellow in Animal Sciences

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After completing his Degree in Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), he started his PhD on feed additives and management strategies alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters in order to optimize rumen fermentation and to reduce the incidence of digestive upsets. He moved then to Canada where he was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Beef Welfare and Behaviour Unit of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. He worked on the use of feeding behaviour pattern recognition techniques for early detection of morbidity, the development of novel methods to measure chronic stress in beef cattle, the assessment of the effects of age and handling on welfare of livestock undergoing routine management procedures, and the use of tri-axial accelerometers to measure animal behaviours related to pain and discomfort. Most recently, he works as an Interdisciplinary Research Fellow in Animal Sciences at Aberystwyth University.Team member of the MULTI-LAND research cluster, within the National Research Network for Low Carbon Energy and Environment, aims to identify positive interactions between trees, livestock and soil and to improve our understanding of animal behaviour and metabolism (feeding, growth, defecation and use of shelter) to increase productivity and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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My responsibilities include carrying out research, writing literature reviews and original research papers, and writing and submitting collaborative research bids in the areas of animal behaviour and metabolism, and the use of metabolomic and microbial metagenomic techniques to understand the interaction of ruminant animals with and their influence on the immediate environment. These tasks are performed working closely with members of the Animal Microbial and Aquatic Sciences Theme at IBERS and with other members of the network project in Bangor and CEH, and helping in the supervision of research students working on the project.


BRM0300 Livestock Nutrition BRM0320 Livestock Nutrition BRM5520 Research Methodology and Advances in Biosciences BDM2820 Ruminant Gut Microbiology BR32330 Undergraduate Dissertation


His research interest include the study of animal behaviour, physiology and metabolism to understand the interaction of ruminant animals with the immediate environment, as well as to develop new management strategies to optimize nutrition, health and animal well-being while ensuring optimal levels of growth performance.



Gellatly, D., Marti, S., Meléndez, D.M., Moya Fernandez, D., Janzen, E.D., Pajor, E.A., Schwartzkopf-Genswein, K.S. 2017. 012 Meloxicam and temperament effects on growth performance and indicators of pain in knife or band castrated calves housed on pasture. Journal of Animal Science 95 (4) 012 2017 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting and Trade Show. pp. 6.