Mrs Hilary Jane Worgan


Mrs Hilary Jane Worgan

Laboratory Manager

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I graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2000 after studying Zoology and Microbiology.

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Managment of teaching laboratories\ field couse expenditure * Line management of the teaching technical staff * Managment of the laboratories for the gut microbiology research group



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In vitro analysis of the effect of supplementation with activated charcoal on the equine hindgutEdmunds, J. L., Worgan, H., Dougal, K., Girdwood, S., Douglas, J-L. & McEwan, N. 2016 In : Journal of Equine Science.27, 2, p. 49-557 p.
Microbial diversity in the digestive tract of two different breeds of sheepDouglas, J-L., Worgan, H., Easton, G., Poret, L., Wolf, B., Edwards, A., Davies, E., Ross, D. & McEwan, N. 2016 In : Journal of Applied Microbiology.120, 5, p. 1382-13898 p.
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