Dr John Scullion


Dr John Scullion


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Module Coordinator
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  • Disturbed/contaminated soils.
    • Carbon-nitrogen cycling and long-term effects of earthworm activity in former mine soils.
    • Impact of metals on microbial processes. Potential of phytoremediation for reducing soil metal and hydrocarbon concentrations.
    • Organic/ecological farming systems and soil processes.
    • Infectivity and efficiency of VA mycorrhizal fungi.
    • Earthworm-VA mycorrhizal fungi interactions. Earthworm population dynamics in conventional and organic arable rotations.
    • Soil ecology relationships to soil function. Impacts of climate change on soil ecology.
    • Chemometric and metabolomic approaches to the assessment of soil quality.
    • Biological treatment of wastewaters.


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Expression of FlHMA3, a vacuolar P1B2-ATPase from Festulolium loliaceum, correlates with response to cadmium stressGuo, Q., Meng, L., Humphreys, M. W., Scullion, J. & Mur, L. A. J. 2017 In : Plant Physiology and Biochemistry.112, p. 270-2778 p.
Understanding the legacy effect of previous forage crop and tillage management on soil biology, after conversion to an arable crop rotationCrotty, F., Fychan, R., Sanderson, R., Rhymes, J., Bourdin, F., Scullion, J. & Marley, C. 2016 In : Soil Biology and Biochemistry.103, p. 241-252
Climate-smart Strategies to Safeguard Persistency and Achieve Sustainable Grassland ProductionHumphreys, M., Loka, D., Gwynn-Jones, D., Scullion, J., Doonan, J., Gasior, D., Harper, J., Farrell, M., Kingston-Smith, A., Dodd, R., Chadwick, D., Hill, P., Mills, G., Hayes, F., Robinson, D. & Jones, D. 2016
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