Dr Judith Thornton


Dr Judith Thornton

Low Carbon Manager (Beacon)

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Judith has come from being a post-doctoral research fellow at Leeds, specialising in water footprinting, water security issues, water efficiency and the water/food/energy nexus. Previously Judith was part of LCRI at Cardiff University (on an EPSRC funded project on transition pathways to a low carbon economy).

Prior to this Judith was based at the Centre for Alternative Technology and was a lecturer on their Environmental MSc courses. Other roles over the years have included teaching an MSc in water supply engineering (Padua), water and sewage consultant (self-employed), management and maintenance of CAT's water and sewage treatment systems. Judith's first degree and DPhil were in human physiology.
She has done various policy research projects for the Environment Agency, Energy Savings Trust, DCLG and a range of private sector clients, including writing national water efficiency standards for the AECB, writing a book on private water supplies, a smattering of journal papers and LCA studies, and desigining/installing water and sewage treatment systems.

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Assisting the Agriculture and Environmental Sciences theme with grant applications and general research development.



Water footprints, water efficient technologies and water security. History and governance of water infrastructure in the UK.


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