Dr Lin Huang


Dr Lin Huang

Senior Lecturer

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Lin graduated from mathematics and computer sciences at Swansea University and has had over 10 years of research in engineering computation, simulation and modelling, and high performance computing experience prior to joining IGER/IBERS. She has been a member of the Biomathematics Team since joining the Institute and has been a key member of several bioinformatics projects in temperate forage grasses (Lolium) and Miscanthus funded by the BBSRC, Defra and EU.

From 2006, Lin has also been involved in the collecting and curating of the Miscanthus germplasm collection in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and in the negotiating of CBD and ABS agreements with partners and government departments in those countries.

Since 2009, she has organised three successful international conferences with delegates came from the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. Lin collaborates closely with the research community and industry both in the UK and globally.


My current research areas focus on:

  • Biomathematics including the application of novel computational approaches for crop performance modelling
  • Bioinformatics for plant breeding
  • Miscanthus genetic resources

Other research activities include the implementation and negotiation of United Nation's 1992 'Convention on Biological Diversity' (CBD) and 2010 'Nagoya Protocol' i.e. Access and Benefit Sharing' (ABS) agreements to ensure the ethical use and equitable sharing benefit of genetic resources.

Current Projects Involved


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