Prof Michael Gooding

BSc, PgDip in Crop Protection, PhD, FRSB

Prof Michael Gooding

Director of IBERS

Institute Director

Professor of Crop Science

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Professor Gooding comes to IBERS from the University of Reading where he was Professor of Crop Science and Agronomy, and Head of the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development and also held the positions of Director of the Crops Research Unit and Course Director for the BSc in Agriculture.

Originally from Sussex, Professor Gooding is a graduate of Birmingham University and Harper Adams. An accomplished academic, Professor Gooding has developed his career through positions held at the Sports Turf Research Institute in Bingley, the Royal Agricultural College in Gloucestershire and since 1996 at the University of Reading.



Professor Gooding's research interests address the sustainable intensification of agriculture: particularly how to enhance nutrient uptake and use by crops so that yield and quality can be improved in changing environments.

The work examines genetic, climatic and agronomic influences on crop performance for human foodstuffs and nutrition, livestock feed and industrial uses.


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