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Dr Michael Rose


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I am an animal scientist with a particular interest in ruminants. I graduated in 1989 with a degree in Animal Science and followed this with a PhD in 1993, where I investigated the extent of the milk yield response of dairy cows to bovine somatotropin. Following this I worked in the National Institute of Grassland and Livestock Research, Tsukuba, Japan, for several years as a research officer, where I studied the metabolic endocrinology of dairy cows. I moved to Aberystwyth University in 2000. My particular interests are the health of ruminants, how ill health can be prevented, and good health optimised.

From 2015 until the present, I have acted as Director of Learning and Teaching for IBERS.

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I have two dogs.



I am interested in the physiology of ruminants, but especially dairy cows. With colleagues, I have a project to investigate the immunity of the endometrium and the response to endometritis in dairy cows. Additionally, with other colleagues, I have a project to identify immune markers of mastitis susceptibility in early lactation in dairy cows. Thirdly, I am working with others to model the behaviour of dairy cows using GPS and other forms of precision agriculture.


In addition to being the DLT for IBERS, I manage the Livestock Science MSc degree scheme.


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