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Dr Martin Swain

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An introduction to Linux and Bioinformatics for PGM1520; Study and Communication Skills, BR12410; Molecular Laboratory Skills, BR12210; Research Methods, Dissertation, and a few lectures to other modules.


I am interested in analysing large biological data sets from a variety of organisms, including plants, animals, parasites and microbes. Some recent and current projects include the sequencing of the tsetse fly and biomphalaria genomes, snake venom transcriptome analyses, methylation in flatworms, microRNAs, whole genome comparisons (of sheep and schistosomes), metagenomics of limpet guts and cryoconite, red clover transcriptomics, and the identification of neuropeptide receptors and functions in arthropods.

My other interests include the development of infrastructure and new software methodolgy for the handling and analysis of large data sets in bioinformatics. This involves high performance computing, technologies for data integration and data mining, and the development of new algorithms to analyse high-throughput sequencing data sets.



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