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De-novo transcriptome assembly for gene identification, analysis, annotation, and molecular marker discovery in Onobrychis viciifoliaMora-Ortiz, M., Swain, M., Vickers, M., Hegarty, M., Kelly, R., Smith, L. & Skot, L. 2016 In : BMC Genomics.17, 13 p., 756
Implementation of genomic prediction in Lolium perenne (L.) breeding populationsGrinberg, N., Lovatt, A., Hegarty, M., Macfarlane, A. C., Skot, K., Kelly, R., Blackmore, T., Thorogood, D., King, R. D., Armstead, I., Powell, W. & Skot, L. 2016 In : Frontiers in Plant Science.7, 133
Analysis of changes in population structure over time in components of multi-species swards.Kelly, R. O., Skøt, L., Skøt, K. P. & Collins, R. P. 2014 Grassland Science in Europe: Proceedings of General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation. Hopkins, A. (ed.). Wales, Vol. 19, p. 861-8633 p.
Exploitation of interspecific diversity for monocot crop improvementKing, J., Armstead, I. P., Harper, J. A., Ramsay, L., Snape, J., Waugh, R., James, C. L., Thomas, A. M., Gasior, D., Kelly, R. O., Roberts, L. A., Gustafson, P. & King, I. 2013 In : Heredity.110, p. 475–483
A flexible quantitative methodology for the analysis of gene-flow between conventionally bred maize populations using microsatellite markersRobson, P. R. H., Kelly, R., Jensen, E. F., Giddings, G. D., Leitch, M., Davey, C., Gay, A. P., Jenkins, G., Thomas, H. & Donnison, I. S. 2011 In : Theoretical and Applied Genetics.122, 4, p. 819-82911 p.
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