Dr Richard Kipling


Dr Richard Kipling

Post-Doctoral Research Associate - CSA Wales

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I am a post doctoral researcher currently working on the MACSUR knowledge hub project. The project aims to enhance European capacity in agricultural modelling of the impacts of, and adaptations to, climate change. My role is to manage the livestock and grassland modelling them, which involves partners from 30 institutes across 14 European countries. I am also engaged in a range of research activities. I have previously worked as a researcher on the Skomer Island National Nature Reserve, studying reproductive success in cliff nesting birds, and as a wildlife ranger at several nationally important sites in the UK.

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Project Officer for the EU MACSUR (Modelling Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security) project.


My current research focuses on developing a better understanding of processes of stakeholder engagement in agricultural research, including the use of grounded theory approaches to analyse data from interviews and published texts. At the same time, I have been engaged through the MACSUR project in leading the development of key position papers relating to livestock and grassland modelling in the context of climate change (see publications) with the aim of using the expertise of the wide consortium of partners to define European research priorities for these fields. This approach includes a particular focus on highlighting opportunities for work across disciplines and between modelling and non-modelling research communities, tying in with my interest in how groups with different world views and priorities can work effectively together to tackle problems and build resilience to common challenges such as climate change.My research background includes a PhD in pollination ecology (investigating pollination niches in UK grasslands) and study of the reproductive success of cliff-nesting seabirds at the Skomer Island nature reserve in Pembrokeshire. My interests in ecology and evolutionary process, and my current work on stakeholder engagement give me a broad range of experience as a multi-disciplinary researcher with a strong interest in interactions at the boundaries of different ecological and social systems.


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