Prof Athole Marshall

Prof Athole Marshall

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Root imaging showing comparisons in root distribution and ontogeny in novel Festulolium populations and closely related perennial ryegrass varietiesHumphreys, M., Doonan, J., Boyle, R., Camargo-Rodriguez, A., Marley, C., Williams, K., Farrell, M., Brook, J., Gasior, D., Loka, D., Collins, R., Marshall, A., Allen, D., Yadav, R., Dungait, J. A. J., Murray, P. J. & Harper, J. 2018 In : Food and Energy Security. e00145
Improving grassland and pasture management in temperate agricultureMarshall, A. (ed.) & Collins, R. (ed.) 2018 Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing. 486 p. (Burleigh Dodds Series in Agricultural Science)
Improving the phosphorus use efficiency of perennial forage species to enhance the sustainability of grassland based agricultureMarshall, A., Collins, R., Williams, K., Han, J., Corke, F. & Doonan, J. 2018 Sustainable meat and milk production from grasslands: Proceedings of the 27th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation. Horan, B., Hennessy, D., O'Donovan, M., Kennedy, E., McCarthy, B., Finn, J. A. & O'Brien, B. (eds.). Fermoy: Teagasc, p. 280-2523 p. (Grassland Science in Europe; vol. 23)
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