Photograph of Dr Pippa Moore.Dr Pippa Moore

Lecturer in Marine and Freshwater Biology and Leader of the Animal and Aquatic Sciences Theme


Office: 3.35, Edward Llwyd Building, IBERS Penglais
Phone: 01970 622293
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Leader of the Animal and Aquatic Sciences Theme
Scheme Coordinator BSc Marine and Freshwater Biology
Lecturer in Aquatic Biology

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Teaching Areas

BR12410 Study and Communication Skills
BR12210 Molecular Laboratory Skills
BR20910 Aquatic Micro- and Macrophytes
BR22620 Marine Biology
BR33010 Marine Biology Field Course (Module co-ordinator)
BR32910 Freshwater Biology Field Course
BR33920 Population and Community Ecology (Module Co-ordinator)
BR32330 Dissertation

Postgraduate Students

  • Ally Evans (2011-) Artificial defence structures as surrogate habitats for natural rocky shores: giving nature a helping hand.
  • Ben Harvey (2011-) Determining the impacts of ocean acidification and global warming on biotic interactions in shallow-water marine environments.
  • Nathan King (2013-) Community-level responses to global environmental change.

I am very interested to hear from any students with interests in climate change ecology, kelp forest community ecology or more generally marine community ecology. Possible sources of funding are available. 


My research interests primarily lie in understanding how shallow-water marine systems are structured and function.

Climate impacts research
Climate change is considered one of the biggest threats to global biodiversity leading to changes in assemblage structure, ecosystem functioning and goods and services natural systems provide.  Using a range of approaches my research focuses on the impacts of global warming and ocean acidification on marine biodiversity. In particular, I am interested in how these environmental stresses affect key ecosystem processes (e.g. predator-prey, plant-herbivore and competitive interactions) and the consequences for shallow-water assemblage structure and functioning.

Biological habitat enhancement of engineered structures
Coastal and offshore engineered structures are increasingly being used in order to enable society to adapt to and mitigate the effects of anthropogenic climate change.  These structures often provide a hard substrate where previously there had been none and as such they can act as habitat for rocky reef marine species.  These structures are, however, often lacking in the small to medium scale heterogeneity that enables natural assemblages to form. Working with colleagues from around the UK we are investigating the impacts of these structures on soft sediment assemblages and exploring methods to increase the amount of small to medium scale heterogeneity to facilitate the establishment of natural rocky shore assemblages.  Such modifications will result in increased amenity value and could have structural and commercial benefits as well.

Current Grants

  • IBERS PhD Studentship.  Community-level responses to global environmental change £52,566 July 2013
  • NERC Standard Grant. Shifting climate as a predictor for change in marine biodiversity £400,000 Nov 2012
  • Marie Curie Career Integration Grant.  The impacts of global environmental change for marine biotic interactions and ecosystem functioning €100,000 May 2012
  • University Research Fund. The effects of global warming and ocean acidification on predator-prey dynamics £6,150 Sept 2011
  • IBERS PhD Studentship.  Determining the impacts of ocean acidification and global warming on biotic interactions in shallow-water marine environments £52,566 July 2011
  • Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship for a PhD studentship. Artificial defence structures as surrogate habitats for natural rocky shores: giving nature a helping hand £63,000 July 2011


I graduated with a First Class BSc(Hons) degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology from the University of Plymouth (2001) and subsequently completed a PhD in marine ecology and climate change (2005) through the Marine Biological Association and the University of Plymouth.  Since completing my Phd I have undertaken research into the impacts of climate change on UK rocky shores (Marine Biological Association, UK 2005 – 2006) and coral reefs using ecological and palaeoecological approaches (University of Queensland, Australia 2006-2007), the feasibility of incorporating biological habitat enhancement in offshore and coastal engineering (University of Plymouth, UK 2007-2008) and investigating fisheries impacts on seagrass assemblages (Edith Cowan University, Western Australia 2008-2011).

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