Photograph of Professor Bryn Hubbard.Professor Bryn Hubbard

BA Geography (University of Oxford)
PhD (University of Cambridge)


Office: J9
Phone: +44 (0)1970 622 783
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  • Director of Research
  • Director of the Centre for Glaciology

Institute of Geography, History, Politics and Psychology

  • Director of Research

Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

  • Director of Research
  • Director of Centre for Glaciology

Research community

  • Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface
  • Core Panel Member: NERC Peer Review College
  • UK correspondent: International Glaciological Society
  • UK Correspondent: International Association for Cryospheric Sciences
  • Review Panel Member: Geology

Teaching Areas

Modules Taught

Module coordinator for:

  • Analysis And Presentation Of Geographical Data (GG21710)
  • Process Glaciology (GG30320)
  • Approaches to Glaciology (EAM0820)

Contributes to:

  • Earth Surface Environments (GG10610)
  • Glaciological Field Techniques (EAM2320)
  • Research Skills in Physical Geography (GG20230)
  • Research Skills in Geography (GG20130)
  • Research Skills in Human Geography (GG25030)


Bryn Hubbard's Research Homepage

Group Affiliation

Research Interests

Current research interests include:

  • links between subglacial drainage and ice motion via hot-water borehole access (CRIOS and SAFIRE Research Projects).
  • ice shelf structure and ice characteristics, including ice coring and hot-water drilling (IceCon and MIDAS Research Projects).
  • the physical character of glacier ice and basal ice.
  • optical televiewing (OPTV) of boreholes in glaciers, ice sheets and ice shelves.

            -         technique development: Tsanfleuron Glacier, Switzerland.

            -         structural glaciology and sediment transfer: Midre Lovénbreen, Svalbard.

            -         ice shelf structure: Roi Baudouin Ice Shelf and Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica.

            -         ice sheet structure: NEEM deep borehole, Greenland.

  • causes and consequences of the formation of basal ice.
  • the structure and dynamics of glacial lakes and drainage systems.
  • subglacial sediment characteristics.
  • the occurrence and physical characteristics of glacier-like forms on Mars.

Research experience includes 26 consecutive years of fieldwork at glaciers in Antarctica, Greenland, Svalbard, the European Alps, Peru, the Canadian Rockies, Norway, and the Canadian Arctic.

Current community activities include:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface.
  • Core Member: Natural Environment Research Council’s Peer Review College
  • Scientific Editor: Annals of Glaciology.
  • Review Committee Member: Geology.
  • UK Correspondent: International Glaciological Society.
  • UK Correspondent: International Association of Cryospheric Sciences.



Director of Research, Institute of Geography, History, Politics and Psychology, Aberystwyth University.


Director of Research, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University.


Professor, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University.


Director of the Centre for Glaciology, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University.


Reader in Glaciology. Centre for Glaciology, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, UW Aberystwyth.


Senior Lecturer in Glaciology. Centre for Glaciology, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, UW Aberystwyth.


Lecturer in Glaciology. Centre for Glaciology, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, UW Aberystwyth.


Post-doctoral Research Associate. Department of Geography, University of Cambridge. ('Water storage, drainage evolution and water quality in Alpine glacial environments').


Ph.D. glaciology. Fitzwilliam College and Department of Geography, University of Cambridge ('Basal ice facies and their formation in the western Alps').


B.A. geography (First Class). Christ Church and School of Geography, University of Oxford.

Additional Interests

Bryn Hubbard's Research Homepage

Postgraduate Students


Name: Dr. David Ashmore
Project: Impact of Surface Melt and Ponding on Ice Shelf Dynamics and Stability (MIDAS)
Funding source: NERC

Name: Dr. Samuel Doyle
Project: Subglacial Access and Fast Ice Research Experiment (SAFIRE)
Funding source: NERC
Employment dates: Dec. 2013 – April 2016

Student name: Mr. Stephen Brough
Student primary affiliation: Aberystwyth University
Thesis title: Dynamic glaciology of glacier-like forms on Mars
Funding source: Aberystwyth University
Supervisory role: Primary supervisor
Status: Currently in first year
Student name: Mr. Stephen Jennings
Student primary affiliation: Aberystwyth University
Thesis title: Origin of foliation in ice masses
Funding source: NERC
Supervisory role: Advisory team
Status: Currently in second year

Student name: Mr. Pierre Lardeux
Student primary affiliation: Aberystwyth University
Thesis title: Modelling of debris-covered glaciers
Funding source: Aberystwyth University
Supervisory role: Advisory team
Status: Currently in first year
Student name: Mr. Terry Malone
Student primary affiliation: Aberystwyth University
Thesis title: Automated analysis of optical televiewer images from boreholes in ice
Funding source: Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships
Supervisory role: Primary supervisor with Industrial Partner Robertson Geologging Ltd, Deganwy, UK
Status: Currently in fourth year



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