Photograph of Professor Mark Whitehead.Professor Mark Whitehead

BSc Geography (Aberystwyth)
PhD (Aberystwyth)


Office: K6
Phone: +44 (0)1970 622 609
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  • Managing Editor of Environmental Values
  • Reviews Editor of Area
  • Human Dimensions Research Manager (Aberystwyth) Climate Change Consortium of Wales
  • Coordinator of the Environment and Society Reseaerch Group

Teaching Areas

Modules Taught

  • Global Environmental Issues (GG12710)
  • Sustainability and Resilience (GG28910)
  • Urban Risk and Environmental Resilience (GG37520)

 Convenor of the Master’s module Environmental Policy and Sustainability


Group Affiliation

Research Interests

Mark Whitehead joined the staff of the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences in 2000 and was awarded a personal chair in 2013. His early research focused on the changing forms of urban policy under the New Labour government in the UK. His subsequent work has spanned various aspects of political and environmental studies with a particular concern for the changing nature of state power. In a recent project, which was funded by the Leverhulme Trust, Mark was involved in developing the first comprehensive account of the rise of psychological forms of government in the UK state. This project resulted in the recent publication of the book Changing Behaviours: On the Rise of the Psychological State (Edward Elgar, 2013). Mark has just commenced a new research project funded by the UK government’s Economic and Social Research Council. This project is entitled Negotiating Neuroliberalism and is developing an international comparative study of the rise of psychological power within governments throughout the world. 

IGES Projects (Affiliated With)

Current PhD Students


Mark came to Aberystwyth in 1994 to study for a BSc degree in Geography.  He graduated with First Class Honours in 1997 and was awarded the James Fairgreave and Gregynog Prizes for Geography. He commenced his PhD, exploring the emergence of sustainable urban development planning in the UK, in October 1997, under the supervision of Mark Goodwin, Gordon McLeod, and Martin Jones. He was appointed a lecturer in the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences in 2000, before he successfully defended his PhD thesis in 2001.



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