Student Internship Bursaries

General Information

The Institute of Geography, History, Politics and Psychology (IGHPP) are delighted to announce 10 Placement Bursaries of up to £200 to support students going on various internships and work placements. These bursaries are open to all undergraduate students and self-funded postgraduates in IGHPP; one will be awarded to each of the four departments and the other six will be awarded across the Institute on merit regardless of department. The bursaries will be awarded in two tranches, so as to support activites over Easter and the summer. The closing date for bursaries to support placements starting in the spring is Friday 26 February 2016; the closing date for summer placement bursaries is Friday 6 May 2016


  • Applicants must be current full time undergraduate students or self-funded postgraudate students in the Institute of Geography, History, Politics and Psychology (IGHPP).
  • The internship/work placement must take place while the applicants are registered students.
  • The internship/work placement must be linked to the student’s professional career development and must take place with a registered programme, organisation or business.
  • The student must have already applied and been accepted onto the internship/work placement.
  • Students who have organised their own internships/work placements, as well as those accepted onto Departmental internship and work placement schemes can apply. Students withoug alternative funding will be prioritised.


Application Form must be completed and returned to Gwenan Creunant ( by the deadline of either 26 Feburary or 6 May 2016.

Applicants should pay close attention to the Guidance Notes when completing the application form. A copy of their CV, information about the internship/work placement organisation and formal letter of acceptance, if available, must comprise part of the application. 

Applicants will receive feedback on their application, both those who are successful and those who are not successful, in order to provide advice on how to further strengthen or improve any future applications they might make. This can be valuable, whether or not you are successful in the bursary completion.  

The Award:

A sum of up to £200 will be made available to the successful applicants.  Award-holders must provide receipts for expenses that can be claimed back, using the appropriate form. Claims can be made during the internship or work placement or immediately afterwards but must be claimed within one month of the end of the internship or work placement.

Award-holders must conduct themselves honestly and professionally whilst participating in the internship or work placement; not doing so may lead to the withdrawal of the Award and/or a request to return funds already disbursed.

Award-holders must provide a short report (500 words) no later than one month after the end of the internship or work placement period, and will only recieve the bursary after this report has been submitted.  Award-holders may also be asked to provide written and photographic materials, as appropriate, for use in marketing and promoting the initiative by the Institute and the University more broadly.  

Criteria that will be used by the panel in awarding bursaries

  • Personal qualities of the applicant, as revealed by the application form and CV. 
  • Relevance of the internship/ placement in terms of the applicant’s career plans and wider employability. 

Eligible Costs:

Travel – flights, train travel, or day-to-day travel; mileage or petrol expenses will not usually be reimbursed.

Accommodation – hotel or room/flat rental expenses.

Other relevant expenses – other expenses may arise in some cases. The award-holder should check with Gwenan Creunant ( concerning the eligibility of these expenses.