Pilot of Alumni eMentoring Project

The Institute of Geography, History and Politics (IGHP) is piloting a new Alumni eMentoring Project in Semester 2 2013-14.

The aim of the Alumni eMentoring is to give students a chance to talk to IGHP graduates, to find out directly from them about their work role, the sector in which they work, and what skills are needed to succeed in their career.

The project will allow students to benefit from:

  • Individual encouragement and help in identifying useful skills and experiences;
  • Practical skills and confidence to enter a chosen profession;
  • Opportunities to build a personal and professional network that could open doors;
  • Exclusive insider knowledge into what employers look for and sector specific application and job search processes.

Interested in taking part in the pilot of the Alumni eMentoring project?

We are looking for 10 second and third year students from each department to participate in this pilot in Semester 2. We need your help to trial the eMentoring system, to develop the right procedures and guidelines for students interested in developing mentoring relationships, and to help us make sure that future students get the maximum benefit from this exciting new scheme.

If you would like to take part in the trial of the Alumni eMentoring project, please contact the relevant person listed below by 12 noon, Monday 24 February:

Geography and Earth Sciences: Dr. Jesse Heley (eyh@aber.ac.uk)
History and Welsh History: Dr. Elizabeth New (ean@aber.ac.uk)
International Politics: Dr. Anwen Elias (awe@aber.ac.uk)  

Please give a brief indication (a few sentences will do) of what career you would be interested in knowing more about, and the kinds of issues you would like to discuss with a mentor.

Take the opportunity to contribute to the development of this exciting new project! Your input would be very much appreciated.