Photograph of Dr Huw Morgan.Dr Huw Morgan

Lecturer (Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol)
BMus (Bangor), BSc (Open University), PhD (Aberystwyth)


Office: Room 101, Physical Sciences Building, Penglais Campus
Phone: 01970 622810
Fax: 01970 622 826
Personal Web Site:

Teaching Areas

I am involved with the following modules:

  • MT10020 - Algebra a Chalcwlws (Welsh-medium)
  • MT14010 - Dynameg Glasurol (Welsh-medium)
  • FG11010 - Ffiseg Glasurol 1  (Welsh-medium)
  • FG11120 - Ffiseg Glasurol 2 (Welsh-medium)
  • MT12910 - Cynllunio Gyrfa a Datblygu Sgiliau  (Welsh-medium)
  • FG26020 - Ffiseg Mathemategol (Welsh-medium)
  • PH24610 – Stars
  • PH34610 - Galaxies

Plus other activites such as project supervision, research supervision and personal tutorials.


I am a solar physicist who works mostly on data analysis of coronal observations - whether they be Earth or space-based coronagraph observations, images taken during a total solar eclipse, or measurements of the solar wind made far from the Sun. The corona is difficult to observe, and still retains many secrets which can only be unlocked with new observations and analysis techniques. I have:

  • Developed new image processing techniques which aid in revealing coronal structure
  • Developed a new analysis tools which separates observations of the corona into two components: the quiescent background corona and the dynamic, explosive corona.
  • Been a prominent member of the world-leading eclipse science team
  • Applied tomography to the solar corona over a whole activity cycle, thus revealing the coronal rotation rate accurately for the first time.


Here is a link to my resume which contains a full list of publications:  Resume