Mrs Sarah Higgins MA(HONS),PG DipCart, PG Dip Stage Design, PG Dip Archives Admin

Mrs Sarah Higgins


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I joined DIS from the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) at the University of Edinburgh where I provided advice on the lifecycle management of data, and the standards applicable to this. A qualified archivist I was previously in the University of Edinburgh's Information Services Group, where I worked in a number of IT implementation teams across both the Library and the Archives. These involved implementing archival cataloguing, managing digitisation and the introduction of digital repositories. With degrees in Geography and Cartography I was previously Geographic Information Research Officer for the British Antarctic Survey and Secretary to the UK Antarctic Place-names Committee. Before this I worked in cartographic research and digitisation positions for various local authorities and utilities companies. I also spent several years working as a self-employed stage designer.

I enjoy outdoor activities and have co-ownership of a yacht, which is moored on the Isle of Bute in Scotland. I enjoy vegetable gardening and used to keep an allotment. Moving to Wales I eventually got a garden which I enjoy immensely. I read widely, especially modern fiction, landscape history and mediaeval history, and participate in book clubs. I enjoy craft and art work most recently taking classes in botanical art. I have sung in a number of choirs singing different genres, but enjoy accapella best.

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Professional Activities

I teach on the DCC's Curation 101 workshops, sit on the Executive Committee of the UK Society of Archivists Data Standards Group, and am a participant in the Quality Steering Group of the European Project.



Digital Curation, Digital Preservation, Digital Lifecycle Management, Digital Delivery and Discovery



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