Pre-sessional Study Skills Courses

Our Pre-sessional Study Skills Courses are intensive courses designed to meet the needs of students who have been offered a place on a degree at Aberystwyth University.

These courses provide a thorough introduction to the academic and language skills needed for success on your degree as well as an introduction to British academic culture and to Aberystwyth University.

In the summer, the intensive classroom-based study is complemented by a lively 12-week social programme. This means that by the time your degree starts, you are not only ready to meet the academic challenges of university study, but you have also had an opportunity to make friends and explore the local area.

The courses run for 42, 30, 19, 12, and 6 weeks.

Students who pass a Pre-sessional Study Skills Course at the level required by their academic department can progress automatically to their degree at Aberystwyth University.

Students who successfully pass a Pre-sessional Study Skills Courses will have achieved a minimum English level of CEFR B2.

Who is the course for?

These courses are for students who have a conditional offer to study at Aberystwyth University, but need to improve their language level in order to meet the conditions of their offer.

Students who have an unconditional offer to study at Aberystwyth University are encouraged to study an optional six week Pre-Sessional Course, to allow them to find their feet in Aberystwyth, brush up their English and develop their study skills, so that they can start their degree with confidence.

What will I study?

The courses focus on developing you academic skills and improving your command of academic English. The classroom sessions involve intensive practise of the four language skills (writing, reading, listening and speaking) through a variety of academic tasks. You will have the opportunity to experience live lectures and to gain confidence in taking effective notes. You will learn to participate actively in seminars, deliver presentations and present ideas and information to an audience in a professional manner. You will develop strategies for searching for information, reading efficiently, and recording information. There is a strong emphasis on academic writing. By the end of the course you will have learned to research and write academic essays and reports, making skilful use of sources to support your ideas, and using an appropriate academic style.

All courses involve 20 hours of classroom-based study and tutorials a week.

The 12-week and 6-week Pre-sessional Courses do not include holiday periods.

The 19-week and 30-week Pre-sessional Plus Courses consist of the 12-week Pre-sessional, and either one or two terms of the target English Course. They include some holiday periods.

Dates and Fees

Dates and Tuition Fees 2016-2017

42-week Pre-sessional Study Skills Course 26 September 2016 - 15 September 2017 £10,050
30-week Pre-sessional Study Skills Course 9 January 2017 - 15 September 2017 £7,350
17-week Pre-sessional Study Skills Course 2 May 2017 - 15 September 2017 £4,425
12-week Pre-sessional Study Skills Course 26 June 2017 - 15 September 2017 £3,300
6-week Pre-sessional Study Skills Course 7 August 2017 - 15 September 2017 £1,650

Dates and Tuition Fees 2017-2018

42-week Pre-sessional Study Skills Course 25 September 2017 - 14 September 2018 £10,800
30-week Pre-sessional Study Skills Course 8 January 2018 - 14 September 2018 £7,800
19-week Pre-sessional Study Skills Course 16 April 2018 - 14 September 2018 £5,050
12-week Pre-sessional Study Skills Course 25 June 2018 - 14 September 2018 £3,300
6-week Pre-sessional Study Skills Course 6 August 2018 - 14 September 2018 £1,650

Entry Requirements

Qualifications You must have met the acedemic entry requirements of your chosen degree and hold an offer for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Aberystwyth University.
Age You must be at least 17 years old before the course start date.
English Test

If you need a Tier 4 Visa for this course, you will require an IELTS for UKVI Test.  The score you need depends on your future degree.  See below.


Your IELTS score nowFor entry into degrees requiring:
4.0 (with no score below 4.0) 42-week Pre-sessional Plus    
4.5 (with no score below 4.5) 30-week Pre-sessional Plus 42-week Pre-sessional Plus  
5.0 (with no more than 1 score below 5.0, and no score below 4.5) 12-week Pre-Sessional Course 30-week Pre-sessional Plus 42-week Pre-sessional Plus
5.5 (with no more than 1 score below 5.5, and no score below 5.0) 6-week Pre-Sessional Course 12-week Pre-Sessional Course 30-week Pre-sessional Plus
6.0 (with no score below 5.5) Optional 6-week Pre-Sessional Course 6-week Pre-Sessional Course 12-week Pre-Sessional Course
6.5 (with no score below 5.5) Optional 6-week Pre-Sessional Course Optional 6-week Pre-Sessional Course 6-week Pre-Sessional Course
7.0 (with no score below 5.5) Optional 6-week Pre-Sessional Course Optional 6-week Pre-Sessional Course Optional 6-week Pre-Sessional Course

What our students say

Fernanda Cerqueira de Sousa, Brazil

"The Pre-sessional course really helped me to feel confident about beginning my degree."


How to apply

You can download an application from here.

  1. Complete the application form and return it to us by email or post, with a copy of your passport and any other documents specified on the application form.
  2. If you would like to stay in the university accommodation, tick this box on your application form. We will arrange your accommodation. You do not need to make a separate application for accommodation.
  3. We will assess your application to ensure that the course you have applied for is appropriate for your needs, and that you meet our entry requirements. If you have not met the entry requirements we will recommend a course for you (subject to availability).
  4. When we accept your application, we will send you an offer letter and an invoice. You will be asked to pay a deposit for your course. You can choose to pay the full fee at this time, or just the deposit.
  5. Once you have paid your deposit, your course application is complete. If you have not paid the full fee before, you must pay it on the first day of the course.