Shae Chen

Studying: Criminology

From: China

I was drawn to Aberystwyth because of it’s generous International Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship. 

Why have you chosen to be a Global Ambassador?

I am passionate about helping to enhance international student experience.

What is the best thing about being an international student?

Having your own culture and being able to introduce your culture to other people. The different background we came from make us special enough already.

Best thing about Aberystwyth?

Aberystwyth has an exceptional environment that provides us different lifestyle compared to city life.

Advice for prospective students?

Enjoy and care for your fresher. The score of your first year might not count into your final score. However, the knowledge you learned and experience you had during fresher will definitely count into your life. 

Has the University been supportive during your time here?

The University have been provided student support through all perspectives. There is the international office, student union, student wellbeing centre, accommodation office and departmental tutor. They could be able to provide professional advice for you no matter it is academic related or not.