Angelika Pastuszko

Angelika Pastuszko

Studying: Psychology / Criminology

From: Poland

Aberystwyth was my firm choice of all universities around the world. Its’ creativity, kindness and atmosphere convinced me to study here. When choosing my university, I was seeking some place safe, where I can feel like in home. Aberystwyth is my second home to me now.

Why have you chosen to be a Global Ambassador?

I have chosen to be a Global Ambassador to be ‘your man’ – a person inside the university who can point out the advantages and disadvantages of living here, share the experiences and help with the change of the environment (so called culture shock).

What is the best thing about being an international student?

The best thing of being an international student is definitely being bilingual or multilingual in the university. The university has various nations across the university and campus so it is friendly to every international student… so you can talk in your own language with friends from the same country and no one will care!  #WeAreInternational

My Course:

I am an undergraduate who is studying Psychology/ Criminology on Joint-Honours course. If you have any questions regarding the course please leave me an e-mail.

The best thing about Aberystwyth?

Definitely the best things in Aberystwyth are the views. The most important – the Cardigan Bay. You will miss it for the rest of your life. And also the nature & beauty of this place - the mountains, national parks and animals everywhere!

Has the University been supportive during your time here?

The university has many services to support your study and stay. If you have any problem you can contact Student Support Services, your department, your assigned Tutor, your peer-mentor and many many more. Isn’t it simple?

Your future:

My future is not clear yet. I either haven’t invented a perfect plan for my future life or I invented too much of plans and I can’t decide. The latter is more probable. After graduating from Aberystwyth University, I am going to spend 2 or 3 more years studying abroad as a postgraduate student. Where? The whole world is there waiting for me!