Zainab Firdos

Zainab Firdos

Studying: Mathematics and Physical Geography

From: UK

Aberystwyth University was originally suggested to me by my Geography tutor in college. I remember him telling me how his best friend came here to study and absolutely fell in love with Aberystwyth, so much that he is now a professor here.

I took upon this recommendation and came to see Aberystwyth on my departmental open day. I can confidentially say that I understand why he fell in love. Aberystwyth is just perfect, it has the social and natural elements to offer to its students.

Why have you chosen to be a Global Ambassador?

As a Pakistani student who has been brought up in both the eastern and western culture, I strongly feel that I am who I am because of this mix. I feel I can relate to students from both sides. My Pakistani culture as well as my religion have highly influenced my behaviour and day to day routine. Hong Kong provided me with many linguistic skills, from speaking Chinese to English, it also gave me the confidence to travel independently from a young age. United Kingdom enabled me to develop my educational and career perspectives and really educated me about equality and diversity, this blended well with my cultural and religious beliefs. UK actually brought me closer to my family and I am now much more connected to them.

What is the best thing about being an international student?

Aberystwyth is a very diverse and has students coming from different parts of the world. The best thing is having good friends from these different parts of the globe.

My Course:

I am currently reading joint honours in Mathematics and Physical Geography. When applying for university, I was unable to decide between my favourite subjects thus I combined them both together.

Alongside my degree, I have been learning Mandarin as a Lifelong Learning course. I have always had this goal to speak Arabic and Mandarin as fluently as English.

Social life:   

Previously I played for Women’s First Badminton Team

Walking is my most favourite form of exercise so whenever I feel like a walk, I just have a stroll along the sea with just me and the scenery.

Clubs and societies:

I am only part of the badminton society, I do hope to join archery and hiking society but that will be next year

The best thing about Aberystwyth?

Oh, I love the view. I have not had the opportunity to live beside the sea before and I must say, it has been a memorable experience.

Advice for prospective students?

My advice is for prospective students is to take on board new challenges. No matter how daunting it may seem, seriously take the chance. I highly recommend students to consider studying abroad and learning a language with Lifelong Learning. Both of these are totally FREE and super beneficial for your future. I mean Mandarin is becoming one of the world languages, you are not limited to Mandarin, you could learn Russian, Japanese, Spanish and more. If anything is holding you back from any opportunity then do one thing, breathe and apply.

Has the University been supportive during your time here?

Honestly, it has. When I need advice or support such as extensions, personal tutors are there to listen and assist.

Your future:

Hmm, this is a question which for me does not have a full stop, I have too many dreams, a few are…

  • To travel as much of the globe. I do not like to just visit places, I like to learn the history and pick up some words of the local language.
  • At some point I wish to live in Pakistan for a minimum of a year, in this period I hope to undertake an Islamic course, travel Pakistan and learn the history, improve my Urdu and also pick up general skills such as sewing.
  • I hope to put my Air Cabin Crew qualification to practice and maybe see some of you on a plane as my passengers
  • I would like to work with an Environmental Agency, I would use my knowledge along with my colleagues to analyse climate change impacts and perhaps resolve them