European Postgraduates

UK and EU Taught Masters Tuition Fees 2017/18

Course TypeFull-timePart-time
Arts & Social Sciences £6,280 £3,140
Science £7,160 £3,580
PGCE (Teacher Training) £9,000 N/A


Arts & Social Sciences: Art; Business; Education; English & Creative Writing; Geography & Earth Sciences (Geography); History & Welsh History; Information Studies; International Politics;  Law; Modern Languages; Psychology; Theatre, Film & TV Studies; Welsh & Celtic Studies.  

Sciences: Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences; Computer Science; Geography & Earth Sciences (Earth Science); Physics; Mathematics. 


For the PGCE courses only: Students domiciled in Wales or other parts of the EU excluding England, Northern Ireland and Scotland may be eligible for a fee grant from the Welsh Government. See

Students domiciled in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland are not eligible for this fee grant. This subsidy does not apply to any Masters courses or Doctoral programmes.

UK and EU Research Programme Tuition Fees 2017/18


Subject Area of ResearchFull-timePart-time
Arts and Social Sciences 
PhD, MPhil, LLM by research
£4,260 £2,130
PhD, MPhil,
£4,260 £2,130


Please note that Tuition fees are subject to an annual increase and are linked to UK Research Council fees.

Additional Course Costs

You should be aware that on some courses there are additional charges during your studies for field trips and use of additional resources, these are in line with the practice of departments in other UK universities.


Agricultural & Biological Sciences

It may be necessary to charge supplementary fees up to a maximum of £7,500 for each year of study for research in the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences involving large animals or significant amounts of consumable reagents, some of which can be inherently costly. Whether a supplementary charge is levied and the extent of that charge will depend on the nature of the research being undertaken. Applicants will be advised of any such charges at the earliest stage in the offer process.