For International students

Fees for 2017/2018 are as follows:

  • Arts, Social Studies and Law courses £13,200*
  • Science based courses £14,750*

*The Aberystwyth International Scholarships (AIS), worth £2,000 a year each towards tuition fees, will be available for International (non-EU) students commencing a full-time undergraduate programme in September 2017. More information about AIS can be found here.

Students who are unsure of the status of their courses should contact the Admissions Office (UG) for classification. When the academic terms of the offer have been achieved and a satisfactory financial assurance received, the University will provide an official letter of acceptance which you may use to obtain a student Visa/appropriate foreign exchange.

Flexible payment methods

Aberystwyth University accepts a variety of payment methods for your convenience, and will be flexible in its approach to collecting tuition fees payments from those required to do so. Please refer to the Student Financial Handbook for information relating to payment methods.

Additional Fees/Costs

A number of the University's degree schemes offer opportunities for students to undertake special study activities. The cost of involvement in such courses is not covered within the University course fees. These activities include fieldwork trips in biological and rural sciences, geography & earth sciences, art and theatre, film and television studies. Students of other subjects may also incur additional costs for trips organised to places of specific interest for their studies and for the purchase of materials. Details of any additional study courses, and the likely cost, are included in the information that departments circulate at the start of term.

Living Expenses

Please view following link for further information: