Increase in satisfaction with quality of teaching and learning resources


Students at Aberystwyth University have shown increased levels of satisfaction with the quality of teaching and learning resources according the latest National Student Survey (NSS).

UAV technology aids in collecting invaluable data

Dr Neal Snooke with the Skywalker X8

The work of a computer scientist at Aberystwyth University has helped capture images of Greenland glaciers for the purpose of building digital elevation maps and gathering glaciology data for research.

Fist bump beats unhygienic handshake

Dr Dave Whitworth IBERS Senior Tutor and Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry and PhD student Sara Mela

Bumping fists may be a more hygienic greeting than shaking hands, experiments at Aberystwyth University have revealed.

Talented US students visit Aberystwyth University

The Fulbright students and Gillian McFadyen

The Fulbright Commission Wales Summer Institute, now in its fourth year, is a six-week cultural and academic programme for US students held at three internationally renowned Welsh universities: Aberystwyth, Bangor and Cardiff University.