Prospective Partners

Aberystwyth University is a global institution, comprised of staff and students from more than 90 different countries. We strive to enhance students’ education through international partnerships across the globe. These partnerships support cross-cultural learning, student mobility, innovative and multidisciplinary research that extends from a community-based context to a global perspective, promoting diversity within multi-national academic cooperation. Thus, we aim to produce graduates who thrive on intellectual rigour through wide-ranging perceptions and cultural perspectives.

The key areas of Aberystwyth’s internationalisation strategy are:

  • Forging closer relationships with overseas schools, colleges and universities in order to enhance international opportunities in recruitment, high-quality education and academic collaboration;
  • Advancing our position as an international campus and promoting cultural diversity whilst developing support for international students;
  • Conducting inter-disciplinary research with internationally-renowned institutions that addresses the major challenges of our society, such as famine, disease and biodiversity;
  • Identifying exciting study opportunities for our students overseas in order to provide them with the ability and freedom to experiment, push boundaries and broaden their skills;
  • Investing in our future graduates by increasing international programmes and placements, student mobility and global employability via a life-long relationship with our international partners and alumni;
  • Empowering international engagement for Aberystwyth staff by providing programmes of training, development activities and staff exchange.

If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities please contact