Global Experience Programme

‌‌‌At the International Office we see ourselves as promoting a Global outlook. Our social programme is designed to connect international students and home students alike, hence the Global aspect, through a varied programme of activities celebrating the diversity of Aberystwyth. This page will be updated to show upcoming events, so check back regularly!

Semester 2 TripsHarlech Castle

**Please note that trips may be cancelled if not enough students book a place – friends and family are welcome but will require individual booking**

To book places on trips please go to Please note that only one purchase can be made in each payment. If you would like to book multiple places please do so under separate purchases.

Cardiff Senedd - 18th February (Saturday All Day Trip)

The Senedd, which was opened in 2006, houses the National Assembly for Wales' Siambr (debating chambers) and Committee Rooms. The Assembly estate also includes the Pierhead, another historical building situated in Cardiff Bay. This trip offers the chance for a tour around the Welsh Assembly Buildings, visits to many other tourist attractions in the area and several shopping opportunities in the popular Welsh capital.

£15 for the coach. Free Cardiff Senedd tour included.

Bwlch Nant Yr Arian - 15th March (Wednesday Afternoon Trip)

One of the centre points of the red kite population in the UK, Bwlch Nant Yr Arian offers stunning views of the Rheidol valley towards the coast. There are a number of scenic walking and running trails, orienteering courses and a café that serves hot and cold food until 3pm. Red Kites descend on the lake at 2pm in winter and 3pm in summer to feed, providing excellent up close views of these magnificent creatures.

£5 for the coach.

(Sensible shoes and coat required)

Blaenavon and Big Pit Museum - 25th March (Saturday All Day Trip)

The Big Pit Museum is a coal museum situated within Blaenavon World Heritage Site and is part of the former Big Pit Colliery. The Big Pit Museum features a range of above ground attractions including a winding house, saw mill, pithead and miners cottages. Visitors can also descend below ground into the pit cage to explore Wales' industrial past and visit the places where generations of coal miners worked.

£15 for the coach.

(Sensible shoes and coat required)

Devil's Bridge - 5th April (Wednesday Afternoon Trip)

This village is famous for the three bridges that were built on top of each other spanning the waterfall where the River Mynach meets the River Rheidol. Legend has it that the first bridge was built by the devil after he made a deal with an old lady for the soul of the first living thing to cross the bridge. When she came to the bridge she threw some bread onto it and her dog ran to get it, thus becoming the first soul to cross the bridge. The devil was so ashamed to have been tricked by an old lady that he left Wales never to return.

£5 for the coach. Entrance to the Waterfall not included. (Punchbowl walk £1, Waterfall walk £3)

(Sensible shoes and coat required)

New Quay - 3rd May (Wednesday Afternoon Trip)

New Quay is a picturesque fishing village on the Cardigan Bay coast of West Wales. Complete with golden sandy beaches, a sheltered harbour and quaint tourist shops, New Quay is the perfect trip for people wanting to explore a charming little seaside town. Enjoy a walk along the front to the end of the Quay and watch boats sail by or sit in one of the cafes overlooking the harbour and dolphin spot.

£5 for the coach.

(Sensible shoes and coat required)

Portmeirion and Harlech Castle - 6th May (Saturday All Day Trip)

The village of Portmeirion and Harlech Castle are situated in the province of Gwynedd. Aside from its scenic surroundings, interesting history and vast woodland gardens, Portmeirion is home to a huddle of historical cottages and award winning restaurants. Located only 8 miles away from Portmeirion is Harlech Castle, a medieval fort, constructed atop a spur of rock overlooking the Irish Sea. Harlech, a combination of magnificent medieval architecture and breathtaking location, is an unmissable castle, a fact reinforced by it's status as a World Heritage Site.

£15 for the coach. Entrance to the Castle not included. (£6 per person)

(Sensible shoes and coat required)

International Dinners

Ta Med Da will be running themed meals throughout the year. Dates for the International Dinners will be confirmed soon, please revisit these pages regularly!

Diwali - Indian Festival of Light Monday 31st October 2016 TaMed Da - Lunch, Dinner menus
American Thanksgiving Thursday 24th November 2016 TaMed Da - Lunch (limited), Dinner menus


One World Week

This event will be held in March. Keep an eye on your emails to get involved and see pictures from previous years on the left hand side.