Erasmus+ Study Placement


Information For Aberystwyth Students

As a student at Aberystwyth University, you have the amazing opportunity to study or work abroad in Europe as part of your degree. You may wish to undertake a placement for one semester or the full academic year.This could be part of an integrated year abroad, year in industry or simply part of your existing studies. An Erasmus+ placement won’t add any time to your degree and marks from assessments will be converted into Aberystwyth credits at the end of your placement, which will contribute to your degree.

Where can I go?

Study placements are directed by departmental links; you will study in a corresponding department in another European university.

Work placements are organised by students. Some departments will have contacts with employers in Europe, so make sure to contact your coordinator in the first instance.


What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?


There are many benefits to being an Erasmus student. Here are only some of the advantages:

  • An Erasmus grant is available for both Study and Work placements.
  • Learn in an European context and gain full recognition from Aberystwyth for the courses you studied abroad through ECTS
  • You can still graduate with all your friends-the length of your course will not change!
  • Improve your career prospects.
  • Develop and international perspective at an overseas university or enterprise.
  • Form a large circle of international friends from arond the world.

Financial Information


Students who undertake an Erasmus+ placement will be eligible for a non-means tested grant, calculated by month you spend in your host placement. This will be dependent on which country you will live in and whether you study or work. There is also additional support for those from a disadvantaged background. Those undertaking a placement for a full academic year will also benefit from reduced tuition fees for that year. More information on the Erasmus+ Grant can be found here.