International Exchange Departmental Contacts

For more information on the International Exchange in your Department, please contact the Departmental Co-ordinator.  They should be able to give advice on the university that is most suitable for you based on the modules that you wish to take.  You need to ask your Department Co-ordinator about which universities you can apply for as some are not suitable for specific degrees even if they are listed as institutional links.  

You must contact your Co-ordinator to discuss whether your Department prefers that you go abroad for just one specific semester and to discuss your module choices.

Academic departmentDepartmental contact
Art Paul Croft
Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences Dr Rupert Marshall
Department of Computer Science

Frédéric Labrosse

English Literature and Creative Writing Dr Martin Padget
Modern Languages - French Kader Izri
Modern Languages - German Dr Alex Mangold
Modern Languages - Italian Roberta Sartoni
Modern Languages - Spanish Dr Jennifer Woods
Geography and Earth Sciences Dr Andy Hardy
History and Welsh History Dr Sian Nicholas
International Politics Elaine Lowe  OR Sali Hopkins
Aberystwyth Law School Dr Anel Marais
Department of Psychology Saffron Passam
Management and Business

Dr Kyriaki Remoundou

Physics Dr Xing Li
Mathematics Prof. Gennady Mishuris
Theatre, Film and Television Studies Dr Piotr Woycicki
Welsh Dr Simon Rodway