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The University is one of the well-known research focused universities in the UK and it takes pride in its excellent top ratings in Student Satisfaction. Established in 1872, the University is widely popular for its high quality degrees and attracts top class students from not only India but all over the world.

Aberystwyth University offers wide range of programmes. Our students from India tend to get attracted to our excellent degrees in Computer Science, International Politics, Biochemistry, Astrophysics, Animal Sciences , Literature and Law to name a few. The University is located on the stunning coast of Wales, and is one of the safest places in the UK. Our students from India tell us that our beautiful location combined with safety and excellent teaching and research facilities makes us their favourite place to study and live in the UK.

The University also offers excellent language support services. These are delivered by the International English Language Centre in the University. Wide range of foundational and support level programmes are available – from Pre sessional English to International Foundation courses. 

My name is Amarjeet Mutneja and I am the International Officer responsible for India.
If you have any questions about studying or living in Aberystwyth, do not hesitate to contact me using the details below.

Phone: +44 (0) 1970 621874
Work Mobile: +44 (0) 7964 246 740
Email: asm20@aber.ac.uk



Name of Award Amount When to Apply


AIS (Aberystwyth International Scholarship)

(Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

UG: £2,000/year (3 year course)

PG: £2,000

29th July

All eligible students.

International Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships

Year 1: £4,000

Year 2: £2,000

Year 3: £2,000

30th June

15 available

(Offered in addition to AIS and is merit based)

International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship


29th July

15 available

AberDoc Scholarship Competition

Grant up to 3 years

29th January & 1st March

(Differs by department)

Students do not have to complete a separate scholarship form as they will be considered automatically.

For further information on Scholarships and Bursaries please contact the International Office on (01970) 622891 or international@aber.ac.uk.

Student Profiles

‌‌How did you find adjusting to life in Aberystwyth?

"Ab‌‌er has a very close knit community with very kind people. Aber being a student town, it was very easy to adjust here. I was easily accustomed to the student life here with tons of friends who became a second family. I was always treated like its own by Aber!"

Avishaa, BSc Psychology   ‌‌‌


What will you miss the most about Aberystwyth?

"This lovely town, Aberystwyth University Cricket club, Social life and international friend circle."

Rajesh, PhD in Philosophy


What do you love about Aberystwyth?

"Aberystwyth as a town is fabulous and the best part about it is the coastline, and the most friendly people out there, they are truly amazing and welcoming. Aberystwyth university has made me more confident in life as a student. It has taught me to work independently."

Vikram, MSc Livestock Science





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