Professor Ken Booth on Nuclear Proliferation 'New Dimensions of Security and International Organizations'

10 June 2007

Each year, the Turkish General Staff organises an International Symposium which, among other things, gives the senior members of the military the opportunity in a high profile public event to express their concerns about the most pressing issues of the day. This year’s Symposium, held in Istanbul at the end of May, was titled ‘New Dimensions of Security and International Organizations’. Ken Booth was one of eight non-Turkish speakers addressing the 800-strong Symposium.

He talked about ‘Nuclear Weapons and Future Uncertainty’, arguing that human society, globally, is presently at a decisive crossroads. One set of choices will lead to the unique dangers of trying to manage a world of 20, 30, 40 or more nuclear weapons states over the coming decades, while another set of choices should lead to a revival of the NPT through the serious pursuit of nuclear abolition.

A copy of the paper is available here (pdf - 159KB)

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