Milja Kurki

Photograph of Milja Kurki.

Professor in International Relations Theory

BA University of Hull
MscEcon University of Wales, Aberystwyth
PhD University of Wales, Aberystwyth


Phone: +44 (0)1970 628639
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Office: 2.07


Milja Kurki joined the department in September 2006 from the University of Exeter. Her areas of interest encompass international relations theory, philosophy of science, causation, democracy promotion, democratic theory and political economy. Between 2008 and 2012 she acted as the Principal Investigator of a major research project 'Political Economies of Democratisation' funded by the European Research Council. She edits the journal International Relations and is a member of the editorial board of the Review of International Studies. 


Milja Kurki’s current work is focused on the analysis of the conceptual underpinnings of democracy promotion as well as on interrogation of the 'knowledge practices' of development donors and global governance actors. The research project which she led between 2008 and 2012 (‘Political Economies of Democratisation’, European Research Council) analysed the politico-economic models of democracy advocated by democracy promotion agencies and the consequences of democracy promoters’ conceptual frameworks for the practices and power relations involved in democracy promotion. Her PhD research was focused on reinterpreting the meaning and nature of causal analysis in International Relations theory, and she continues to be interested in the interrogation of the role of philosophy of science in social science research.

Teaching Areas


IP33020 Critical Theories

IP31220 Gender Politics: Perspectives and Debates

IP36620 Democracy Promotion in World Politics

IP30120 International Political Theory Today



IPM0530 International Politics 1: Theories and Concepts

PhD Supervision

International Relations Theory

Democratisation, Democracy Promotion and Good Governance

Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences

Critical Social Theory



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