Adhemar Mercado

BA in International Relations, Université de Genève
MScEcon in Postcolonial Politics, Aberystwyth University

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Dr Lucy Taylor, Dr Berit Bliesemann de Guevara


My research explores Andean autochthonous music as a practice of decolonisation wherein Quechua and Aymara political vindications and the empowerment of Andean ways of knowing and being become possible within the urban contexts of Cochabamba and La Paz. Looking at the cultural and political activities of different urban music groups this research seeks to empower and make visible the different Andean cultures, knowledges and practices in different urban contexts of Bolivia. By contrasting and contextualising these groups’ processes within the wider socio–political changes of Bolivian society, my research follows Anders Burman’s call for a move away from the ‘critical intellectual theorizing’ of decolonisation and towards a more practice oriented approach to decolonisation.

General Research Interests

Postcolonial Theory
Social Movements
Indigenous movements

Publications and Conference Papers

“Bolivian Citizenship and Indigenous Populations,” Paper presented at the Aberystwyth-Lancaster Graduate Colloquium, Aberystwyth University, June 2011.

“Postcolonial encounters Rodolfo Kusch and Gilles Deleuze: Thinking on knowledge production and resistance.” Paper presented at the Aberystwyth-Lancaster Colloquium, Manchester University, June 2013.

‘Deterritorializing (colonial) knowledges or the mapping of an (postcolonial) encounter between Deleuze and Kusch’ Paper presented at the Annual Deleuze Studies conference, Lisbon, July 2013.

“Urban communities and the process of change in Bolivia.” Paper presented at the Annual BISA conference, Dublin, June 2014.

“Playing Sikuris de Taypi Ayca and Tarkas, or how urban spaces in Bolivia are being decolonized.” Paper presented at the ISA annual conference, New Oleans, February 2015

“Reflection on decolonization from Bolivia: Andean autochthonous music and state led decolonization.” Paper presented at the ISA annual conference, New Oleans USA, February 2015

“We do not play music for applause: Andean autochthonous music and practices of decolonisation in urban Bolivia.” Paper presented at the ISA annual conference, Atlanta, March 2016.

Funding Awards

DCDS, Aberystwyth University

Professional Membership

CPD (BISA) – member

GDS (ISA) – member