Lydia Cole

BSocSc Politics and International Relations, University of Manchester
MA Human Rights (Law/Political Science), University of Manchester

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Prof. Jenny Edkins, Dr. Patrick Finney (Joint)


My research focuses on gender-based and wartime sexual violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Situating itself in feminist epistemological and methodological approaches, the thesis explores various post-conflict and transitional justice mechanisms available to survivors. It asks after the subjects and subjectivities that are made possible through each post-conflict frame. The chapters examine three key areas of post-conflict justice: legal-bureaucratic recognition, psycho-social recognition, and testimony and witness. Throughout, I critically engage with the politics of framing, issues epistemic violence, and the politics of (feminist) knowledge.

General Research Interests

Feminist Theory
Gendered and Sexualised Violence
Post-conflict Justice
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Feminist Knowledges

Publications and Conference Papers

Cole, Lydia (2017) An Encounter in Fieldwork: Subjectivity and Gendered Violence. International Feminist Journal of Politics. (forthcoming)

Selected Conference Papers
‘Exploring Gender and Subjectivity in Post-Conflict Justice Mechanisms in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Justice, Recognition, and Witness’ at BISA 42nd Annual Conference, Brighton, June 2017
‘Exhibitions as Site and Process: Reflections on Exhibiting International “Conflict Textile” in a Peripheral Welsh University Town’ at Museums, Exhibitions and the Representation of the International, European Workshops in International Studies, Cardiff, June 2017
‘Conceptualising Sexualised Violence in the Aftermath of Conflict: A Conversation between Visual Artists and Policymakers’ at Exploring Peace, ISA, March 2016
‘Victimhood, Survivor-hood, and the Political Economy of Testimony in Bosnia’ at Exploring Peace, ISA, March 2016
‘Sexualised Violence through War and Peace: (Dis)continuities, Relationality, and Recognition’ at 9th Pan-European Conference on International Relations: The Worlds of Violence, EISA, September 2015
‘Narratives of Victimhood: Between Collective Memory and Feminisms in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ (forthcoming) at The Worlds of Inequality, BISA, June 2015

Funding Awards

2016   BISA Founders Fund
2013/2017  ESRC +3 Studentship, Aberystwyth University

Teaching Experience

2016/2017  IP10320. War, Strategy, and Intelligence
2016/2017  IP12420, Exploring the International 1
2013/2014  IP32720, Remembering World War Two
2013/2014  IP36720, Gender, Conflict and Security


Professional Membership

PG Co-convenor - Gendering IR Working Group, BISA
Co-convenor - Interdisciplinary Gender Research Group, Aberystwyth University
British International Studies Association (BISA) - Member


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