Data recovery

Information Services staff may be able to restore lost or corrupted data stored:

  • in your University filestore or e-mail
  • on your hard drive, including pen drives and external hard drives

Files stored on your University filestore or e-mail

Regular incremental backups are made of user filestore and e-mail.

Backups are kept for:

Email - 30 Days
Filestore - 30 Days

If you have lost, deleted or corrupted a mail message or file from your filestore you can check to see if we are able to restore it from an earlier date.
We will need to know:

  • Your login-name
  • The name of the file
  • The directory/folder in which the file was located (if any)
  • The date the file was lost/corrupted

To check whether a restore is possible Information Services Staff  may need to access your filestore, but not the data contained within the files. We will let you know whether a restore is possible and give you an estimated time of restoration.

Files stored on hard drives, including external hard drives and pen drives

Our technical staff, using specialist software, may be able to recover data you have lost from your hard drive. The hard drive must be working for us to be able to do this. It may not be possible to recover all, or any, of your data - depending on the state of the hard drive.

This is a charged for service, charged at our normally hourly rate.

To request data recovery from your filestore, e-mail, hard drive or removable data such as USB memory drives, please contact our Customer Services Team