What am I searching in Primo?


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The default search is Aber collections, the Aberystwyth University library catalogue.  

Articles & more (Primo Central)
does a fast search of journal articles and database records from participating publishers and returns results with full-text online.
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searches the Cadair open access repository to find Aberystwyth University higher degree theses and research. If you prefer, you can also search Cadair directly.

searches the Aberystwyth University library catalogue
a range of journal articles and database records from participating publishers (Primo Central)


The drop-down search menu: search by AU library location


Click Aberystwyth University to choose one of our campus libraries before starting an Aber collections search.

On the Primo page banner: Databases A-Z


Browse, visit and search the wide range of databases that the University subscribes to, plus a range of quality free databases and web sites.


On the Primo page banner: E-journals A-Z

Search, browse, discover and visit the electronic journals that Aberystwyth University subscribes to, plus a range of open access journals.


September 2013: we have removed the subject searches from the drop-down menu but you can create your own

You can select more than one of the cross-searchable databases i.e. those you can tick when you are signed in, in Databases A-Z. Click Selection Completed then type your search terms into Primo to search the all databases you have chosen simultaneously.

These are remote databases so they take a little longer to search than Primo, and only the highest-ranking search results are displayed.

If you want to recreate the subject searches that used to be in the drop-down menu, you can find the databases that they searched listed here.