Business Information Systems

Welcome to the BIS website, which includes the Aberystwyth Student Records and Admissions System (AStRA). Should you experience any problems, please email or phone 2419.

AStRA contains personal data relating to students and applicants. Only authorised users are entitled to connect to this application. Before accessing this system you should understand and agree to abide by the Code of Practice. If you are not sure that you are authorised then you should NOT ATTEMPT to connect to this system.

User authorisation forms are available here.


Tuesday 15 May - ABW

ABW is unavailable from 16-05-2017 07:00 to 16-05-2017 10:30.

Thursday 20 April

The problem with Java 8 has now been fixed, therefore there is no need for the Java 8 links.  These will disappear shortly.

Thursday 20 April

A new version of Java 8 has been released.  If you have updated to this new version, you will experience error messages with the AStRA links.  Please use the Java 8 links instead, e.g. Live AStRA (Java 8) if you have the latest Java 8 installed.

Tuesday 11 April

Study schemes database is now locked for 2017/2018.

Tuesday 11 April

AStRA will be unavailable from 11-04-2017 08:15 to 11-04-2017 08:45

Thursday 23rd March

We are performing an audit of user access to AStRA. Permissions will be verified to ensure they reflect permissions based on user registration forms. Please check you have completed the appropriate forms to ensure you do not experience any disruption to your access to AStRA.

Tuesday 21st March

AStRA will be unavailable from 09:00 21-03-2017 to 10:30 21-03-2017.

Thursday 9th March

Firefox drops support for AStRA.

As of version 52.0 of the Firefox web browser, which was released on the 7th March 2017, support for the Java plugin which is used by AStRA will no longer be available. This means that AStRA will no longer work on either Firefox or Google Chrome.

We expect that it will continue to work on MS Internet Explorer and on Safari on Apple platforms.

System Hours

AStRA 24/7
ABW 24/7
QLx 07:00 - 21:00
(no access between 02:30 and 02:35)